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Proviron is a drug that prevents the conversion of steroids to estrogen and also has slightly androgenic properties, which ensures an increase in strength and fat loss. Many steroids, especially the strong mass builders, convert to estrogen through the enzyme aromatase. This can ruin the results, especially at the end of a treatment. Proviron binds to aromatase so that it can no longer convert steroids. In addition, it provides more muscle strength and fat loss because it is slightly androgenic. Proviron is taken in addition to a course of testosterone, for example, to prevent estrogen-related side effects such as fluid retention and fat and to gain more lean muscle mass.

Proviron is an androgenic drug with mild side effects.


Proviron itself works on the androgen receptors and cannot aromatize. So what you expect from a proviron treatment is fat loss, strength gain and a slight increase in muscle mass. In practice you will not notice much except fat loss and perhaps a slight increase in strength. That’s because much of the proviron is gone before it can reach the androgen receptors. This is because proviron binds to certain enzymes and proteins in the body. First, proviron binds to the aromatase enzyme, which aromatizes testosterone (and other aromatizing steroids). Second, it binds to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin, two proteins that bind to testosterone. Proviron binds to these enzymes and proteins faster and more strongly than testosterone, so that it, as it were, sacrifices itself for the testosterone, which can then do its work in the body. A third function of proviron is that it can reduce certain side effects of nandrolone (deca) and trenbolone, including loss of libido. Finally, it binds to the androgen receptors and thus causes fat loss.

In addition, testosterone provides additional androgen receptors, which strengthens the effect of the remaining proviron. Based on the above you can say that there is a special synergy between testosterone and proviron, they both enhance the effect of the other. Proviron ensures that the testosterone treatment becomes more effective and reduces the estrogen-related side effects of testosterone such as fluid retention and the risk of gynecomastia. Proviron is modified to survive absorption by the liver in a different way than other oral steroids, making it much less toxic.


As described above, proviron is best combined in a stack with testosterone and possibly other steroids. Dosages of 25 to 250 mg per day can be taken without adverse effects, but 50 mg per day is enough, 50 to 100 mg per day is normal. When proviron is added to a testosterone (stack), the gains consist more of muscle and less of fluid and fat. Proviron is also very suitable for use with dianabol, boldenone or nandrolone to reduce the estrogenic effects of these substances.

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100 tablets of 25 mg Proviron from the Unique Pharma brand.


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